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Backgammon is the original game in recorded history. Also known as the "little battle," backgammon began in Mesopotamia (now referred to as Iraq) almost 5 millennia ago. For all that, Egyptians referred to backgammon as "Senat," which was a similar style of the current game played today. Hundreds of years ago, only individuals of power, the ruling figures of aristocracy like Egyptian queens, were able to enjoy. The game began to expand worldwide over time. Distinctive Backgammon types were created in many nations and civilizations, but the fundamental rules of those variants resemble those of the archaic form . For example, The Greeks took hold of the game and coined the name "bac gamen." From there, the Anglo’s started playing backgammon in the 17th century and have continued to play it ever since. Backgammon and different archaic games weren’t ever approved by a good many clergy. The religious felt that the game was the work of the Devil. This led churches to blackball and destroy the game. The abolishment and burning had never prevent people playing games and having fun.

Computers afford an additional arena for Backgammon. When various electronic games are sold all over the place, computer scientists in Artificial Intelligence (AI) have been using Backgammon for researching, advancing and analyzing AI theories and algorithms as a consequence of the simplicity of game policies and difficulties of plans.

With the embracing of the net, backgammon has developed to a totally new level. A great many might not know that online Backgammon is actually loaded on most of home computers running Windows XP/Vista by default under "Games" program group. Web Backgammon connects thousands of players around the globe. As soon as you signed up on a net game internet site, you can wager on Backgammon with a computer, or with a bona fide person. Wagering websites have been hosting Backgammon tournaments regularly. You can play the game for fun, or for money. There are thousands of associations dedicated to internet backgammon, as well as exclusive game software that you can download to wager with others. Gamblers love Backgammon for the fact that it is a snap yet still needs a lot of attention and expertise.